Here are some silly dolls I created with eLouai's Candybar Dollmaker and the original Korean Candybar Dollmaker.
November, looking extremely uncomfortable in front of her Palace of Pinkness.Red, apparently levitating a small hatchet with only the awesome power of her mind... in Korean.Perrault, very pleased with the launch of his new career as a pop star.

The Boy is having the time of his life!Changing back to human form doesn't solve all of the Beast's problems. High blood pressure, for instance.

These were made with the Dream GaiaOnline Avatar maker.
Awwww.I am the Zombie Queen! Looks kinda scary. But I like his pimp coat.Shonen manga hair!

And here are some rather hideous things I made with HeroMachine. The 80's are back! With a vengeance!
Starring, David Hasselhoff as Perrault! And Cyndi Lauper's evil twin as Red!

And some more horrors, wrought with the South Park Studio.

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