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Finished/Colored Art

Christmas card 2006The Boy being generous, for Halloween 2006.Red and Clare as pirates, in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day.Not to worry, November; Sadako and the Boy are just friends. Battle Royale parodyThank You image for 1000 favorites at Webcartoonists Choice Awards presentationChristmas 2004.

Halloween 2004.young RedPerrault, drawn in Shi Painter (with screwed-up perspective >_<)What the heck is in that tea? And where did they get the cups, for that matter?November & the boyfairly old image of RedNovember - original version of mainpage imageNovember - OpenCanvas doodle

Sketches / Concept Art

  • Another request: Puss as a kitten, with Pierre.
  • Sketch of an angry, swooshy-looking Red.
  • Some sketches of the Boy.
  • Done on request, genderswitched November and Perrault. I didn't do Red because she would have looked more or less the same. :P
  • Design sketches for the witch.
  • Design sketch for Anna and Klaus.
  • Concept sketch of a character who probably won't be appearing for a long time.
  • A doodled comic about making new friends, inspired by a comment someone made in the shoutbox.
  • This is, technically, the very first page of No Rest For The Wicked ever drawn. There is no story here, and I did not lay it out before drawing it; I did it purely as a test page, to see how I would shade things, whether I could get away with doing it all in pencil, etc. etc. Though I think the pencil turned out okay here, in the long run I think it would get too messy if I tried doing the comic entirely in pencil.
  • Though I knew we wouldn't be seeing him like this any time soon, I did make a design for the Beast's human form. Why yes, he is supposed to look like a guy who's been neglecting his health and personal hygiene for ten days.
  • I started reading a manga series called Death Note (which is all about a fine young man who finds a notebook that can kill people, and decides to use it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.) Completely at random, I doodled my characters cosplaying as Death Note characters. That's Red as Rem, Perrault as L, November as Misa, and in the most unsuitable role ever, the Boy (November's fiancee) as supergenius sociopath Light. I told you it was random.
  • A pen doodle of November's sisters. I tried to get the family resemblance.
  • Another old unfinished sketch of Perrault, catching fish.
  • An old old pencil sketch of Perrault, which I liked but never finished because I couldn't figure out what to do with his hand.
  • Tiny old pen doodle of Red. She's very easy to doodle.
  • I desperately wanted to give Perrault some kind of nifty cornered hat thing. I wrestled with designing one for the longest time, but 1) I suck at drawing hats, 2) I suck at drawing hats consistently from different angles, and 3) I could never figure out a satisfactory way to fit it over his ears. So in the end, I had to give up on my dream.
  • Semi-final Perrault character design. Just some sketches, with the full-length one colored because I was trying to work out his color scheme.
  • Really horrendously ugly off-model November oekaki.
  • Old oekaki of an old Puss in Boots design, from before I even thought of doing this comic.
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