The Web Cartoonists Choice Awards traditionally have an "awards ceremony" in comic format where various webcomic artists draw presentations for each of the award categories. Gimmicky, but lots of fun; and the idea of a bunch of webcomic characters all gathered in one place appeals to the crossover nerd in me. ^_~ For the 2005 WCCAs I was invited to do the Outstanding Fantasy Comic presentation. I was lucky enough that four out of the five nominees were comics that I already read and enjoyed; and once I went through the archives of the other one (OoTS) it immediately became a new favorite.

Characters in the middle panel, representing the five nominated comics, are (clockwise from top left): Tabby from Reman Mythology, Sarine from Errant Story, Lei'ella from Inverloch, the Shadowchild and Digger from Digger, and Elan from Order of the Stick. To the extreme left of the panel you might recognize an unlisted cameo from T-Rex of Dinosaur Comics; and to the far right, the badly-rendered arm of Jared from The Front.

It was pointed out to me that Elan is missing one "win" from his song. ;__;